PHOTOGRAPHY : Infant, Baby, and Toddler Photography

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Photography: Teen / Senior Photography

PHOTOGRAPHY : Infant, Baby, and Toddler Photography

PHOTOGRAPHY : Babies, Infants, Toddlers

PHOTOGRAPHY : Landscape and Vacation

2009 Calendar

I was asked to create a 2009 calendar for a current client. After a lot of persuading, I was able to talk them out of creating an industry specific calendar, and to think outside of the box and allow me to design something that their clients and prospects would actually be thrilled to hang on their wall. The company’s logo and contact information hang below the back page, so that they are constantly exposing their brand image and contact info on a super cool calendar. ;-)

All of the destinations that I choose for the calendar were places that I have always had an infatuation for and would love to visit someday.

January: Prague

February: London

March: Machu Picchu

April: Cairo

Verandah Post Card

This was a very simple project. I was asked to create a postcard for a Verandah, a new home community in Royse City, Texas, to send out to registered prospects. Not a whole lot of creative genius here, but hey, it's pretty!

Why Wouldn't Cha?

Alexis and I came up with a Genius idea to haze our former publisher, Mike. Our Monday morning meetings always included Mike's motivational speeches. His number one line that he always wanted us to ask our clients is "Why wouldn't cha?" Out of our admoration for our former fearless leader, we decided that we would forever brand the infamous line. Hence... this awesome T-shirt was made for everyone at our Christmas party. They were a HIT! Too bad Mike didn't make it to the party to see his own mug on a T-Shirt, but I'm sure it will be just as hilarious to present him with his box at the office this week.

Go 4 Bling

I was asked by The Highlands at Trophy Club and Go 4 Bling to create an flyer to promote their wine and cheese night.

Community Storehouse Project

The idea behind this project was to create an ad to promote the food drive being held by 4 new home communities and the Community Storehouse. The Community Storehouse is a non-profit faith based relief agency that is "dedicated to the well-being and education of the children in our community". The ad was placed and distributed in various retail establishments throughout the community as well as homeowner associations and other mediums.

The following directional signs are placed throughout Trophy Club, Keller and additional areas in the Alliance Corridor as well as in front of the Model Homes directing the public to the Food Drive drop points.

I was so exctied to work on this project and to learn more about the Community Storehouse and their noble organization.
For More information about the Community Storehouse, Click Here.

Grand Heritage, Lavon TX Grand Opening

First, I thought I'd post some of the works that I created while I was working as the Marketing Director for Bowen Family Homes. When I accepted the position, they were currently using an outside agency for all creative and web updates. It wasn't long until I was able to prove to my division president that I could do all the creative in-house and save the company TONS of money. It was in 2006 that I won Marketing Director of the year at the McSam awards for Dallas / Fort Worth. This was a huge honor! Many of my works won awards also, which are displayed below. Unfortunately, I had a huge tragedy about a year and a half ago when I dropped my external hard drive and IT CRASHED!!! I LOST EVERYTHING! The only works I was able to recover were some that I had saved to cd's or on a different site in my resume... My suggestion to everyone! Have 2 or 3 external drives that you back up often!

This ad won Best Black and White Newspaper Ad for Dallas / Fort Worth

This ad ran on the back cover of a magazine in Austin, Texas and won Best Color Magazine Ad at the Max Awards

Just a portion of some of the signs that I created for Bowen Family Homes. We won best signage at the McSam awards

We were runner up for Best Billboard at the McSam Awards

My New Blog!! Finally!

It's about time... I've had this blog saved for quite some time, but am just now getting around to creating it. I will be using this blog to display portions of my portfolio for my marketing and design business. Enjoy!