2009 Calendar

I was asked to create a 2009 calendar for a current client. After a lot of persuading, I was able to talk them out of creating an industry specific calendar, and to think outside of the box and allow me to design something that their clients and prospects would actually be thrilled to hang on their wall. The company’s logo and contact information hang below the back page, so that they are constantly exposing their brand image and contact info on a super cool calendar. ;-)

All of the destinations that I choose for the calendar were places that I have always had an infatuation for and would love to visit someday.

January: Prague

February: London

March: Machu Picchu

April: Cairo

May: Iguazu Falls

June: Bora Bora

July: Nara Koen

August: Venice

September: Rome

October: Buzios

November: Loch Ness

December: Brussels

I didn't post all of the monthly pages, due to repetition, but this is how they appeared.

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  1. K-girl, I wanna go on vacation now! Love all your work and looks like you guys had a fun Christmas, cute colors! You'll have to send me that one with Rob, it isn't as horrifying as I imagined of myslef. Hahaha