PHOTOGRAPHY : Infant, Baby, and Toddler Photography

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PHOTOGRAPHY : Infant, Baby, and Toddler Photography

PHOTOGRAPHY : Babies, Infants, Toddlers

PHOTOGRAPHY : Landscape and Vacation

Aurelia - Jillian and Jeremy

What a beautiful family! My sister-in-law, Jeremy and their beautiful baby, Aurelia, came to Texas and endured the heat of a Texas summer and chigger danger to vacation with my children in San Antonio. The weather was quite pleasent until it came time for this photo shoot; 98 and humid was not a great combination for these Utahans, who are used to a high of 80! I was so happy to be able to spend some time with this family.

Aurelia - Sneak Peek

Awww... my heart just melts looking at those beautiful blue eyes. Aurelia is my neice, and a gorgeous little girl. These photos were taken at the beautiful Frisco Commons Park in North Dallas. I can't wait to finish editing these photos.