PHOTOGRAPHY : Infant, Baby, and Toddler Photography

Logo Creation : Brand Your Company With a Powerful Logo

Photography: Teen / Senior Photography

PHOTOGRAPHY : Infant, Baby, and Toddler Photography

PHOTOGRAPHY : Babies, Infants, Toddlers

PHOTOGRAPHY : Landscape and Vacation

Crescent Estates Luxury Homebuilder Brochure

I was asked to create a brochure for an event in a hurry! We chose to go with a simple landscape brochure, with the main focus being the product and photography (in order to meet print deadlines) while we work on a revamp of the logo and brand. I'm really looking forward to the new and improved product!

Battle at the Bridges Golf Tournament Collateral

I was tasked with designing collateral for the inaugural Battle at the Bridges golf tournament held in Gunter, Texas at the Bridges Golf Club. First was the logo concept. I wanted to play off the word "Battle" with the medieval knight holding his golf club. The client was thrilled with the logo concept. That then led into the collateral design, with a Save the Date, Invitation and Sponsorship Flyer.

Dennis and Lex Engagement Shoot

Dennis and Lex are getting married! Two of my very dearest friends decided to tie the knot. Congrats Dennis and Alexis. Let the ACDC wedding commence.