Miley's First Birthday Shoot

Miley is such a fun and lively little girl. I love her sweet spirit and spunky personality. I was honored to have the opportunity to take her one year old / first birthday pictures! We shot these photos at my new favorite photography location in Frisco, the Frisco Heritage Museum. This area has such an eclectic collection of multiple colors / background possibilities.

I loved this shot so much. We actually set this up at the end, and Miley was over having a big black camera in her face, and her mother's goofy antics for making her smile were running thin. Miley reached for her mom's phone, and the color of Michelle's phone case just happened to match the styling of this shoot! This was one of those accidental photos that turned out to be one of my favorites. Just another testament to always having your camera ready!

*Warning: Sense of humor required for this next shot. This last photo is not what it seems, but yet another testament to always haing your camera ready. We had Miley sitting on the tracks (Do not be alarmed! This train is part of the museum, not a working train! No babies were harmed or endangered while taking this photo.) She stood up and started crying for her momma, and the way that the camera captured the shot, she looked terrified! After soothing little Miley, Michelle and I scrolled through the images on my camera and laughed at how priceless this moment is and how it appears to be something that it completely wasn't. Add in a bit of motion in photoshop, and viola; We now have a baby running from a moving train.

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